About us

Just a small team, trying to make a big dent in the sports supplement industry.



Our products are created with one key goal in mind; DITCH THE SHAKER! We were sick and tired of having to mix powders and wash out shakers, so we came up with a solution. Not only did we vow to get rid of the unnecessary prep that comes with supplements, but we also vowed to only create products that would actually benefit our athletes and that we would be happy to use ourselves. Too many companies jump on the band-wagon when new, un-researched, ingredients come to light, eager to make a profit at the expense of their customers. But not here at CHU. We will only ever use ingredients that have been backed by valid, scientific evidence. 


 All of our products have been created to benefit athletic performance, whether that's by elevating your workouts or enhancing your recovery. Our first product was PRE|CHU, which was developed to give athletes an easier way to tailor their pre-workout dosage. Not only that, but we'd had enough of the poor tasting, gritty powders other companies were producing. 



Creating a pre-workout gummy wasn't as straight forward as you may think. Taking it from an initial ‘idea’ into ‘development’ and finally to 'release' meant travelling around Europe to meet with specialists and to find an accredited manufacturer. Next we spent nearly 2 years in development, fine tuning the final product to make sure it was perfect. Adding the active ingredients caused several problems with the taste and texture; but, after sampling them ourselves, we were able to modify our ingredients and resolve the issues. After 100’s of different development rounds, plenty of hours of hard work and sleepless nights, we can finally say we produced a knock-out product. 

After finally creating the product and giving the go-ahead for production, we, alongside our manufacturers, were forced to close due to COVID-19. Having spent so long developing the gummies, hearing that we wouldn't see the final product for another 6 months was a massive blow. Not only that, but with gyms closed across the UK, pre-sales were severely impacted. But it's not all doom and gloom, as every cloud has its silver lining. It taught us to remain resilient and grateful for all our customers. This meant we were more than ready when the first batch of PRE|CHU arrived at our office and the restrictions began to ease. 


Despite the negatives, there was one blessing; we had plenty of time to create our second product, PRO|CHU; the first protein-based gummy snack. This was developed for all those athletes who have a sweet tooth and want an extra hit of protein, but without all the added sugar. We are extremely pleased with the final product and are excited to release it to you all. Each gummy offers a tasty 0.7 grams of a rapidly digested, complete protein source. Now we may be biased here but, we can't get enough of them.   



Our products are all made in pharmaceutical-grade facility here in the UK. This means the equipment used to make our gummies is professionally cleaned before productions starts, to ensure there is no cross-contamination of ingredients. Not only that, but our products are also stringently tested before they are sent to us, to further ensure the safety of our customers.



Launching in 2020 has taught us many things! One of which was to listen to our customers. You asked for a protein gummy.. so we delivered! You asked us for a Strawberry flavour.. We delivered! Informed Sport Accreditation.. pending! We want our customers to be excited about our products and involved in our future developments. So, what would you like to try next?



Thanks for taking the time to read this and support the business. Every sale helps us out massively and let’s us invest into new products and flavours.